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Sponsoring NixCon 2020

NixCon is a volunteer run community conference that depends on sponsorship to happen. And it runs on NixOS!

2020 is and has been a challenging year for many. NixCon is online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual experiences cannot substitute for in-person interactions. We are aiming to simulate the good parts. The perks reflect that by being digitally-focused.

The NixOS Foundation is our fiscal host this year.

To confirm your sponsorship, please send the following information to

  • Contact name and email
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • EU/UK entities: Company VAT number
  • Sponsorship package type
  • Media contact name and email and/or information for your perks

Sponsor Perks

Various units of sponsorship are available. In-kind donations are also welcome, such as person-time or compute-time. For sponsoring, you will receive:

  • Shout outs of gratitude (at opening and closing)
  • Your logo will appear as part of the stream's background image.
  • Branding space on the website



A "read-out" is a spoken script up-to 60 seconds of read-time. You can describe all the important aspects of your company however you like. You may record this and provide a digital file, or the NixCon MC will pre-record a reading. The read-out will broadcast during the live stream spaced out in between talks.


Platinum limits: We're not exactly sure how to define this. One example of a perk that would not be approved is buying a talk slot.