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Viewing FAQ

  • Q. When does NixCon 2020 event start?

    Friday October 16th, 11:00 UTC (see also the schedule).

  • Q. How do I watch talks?

    View here on our site.

  • Q. Will talks be recorded to view later?

    Yes. Source material is being saved, and we're looking for appropriate hosting. If you have ideas about that, please contact us.

    The stream will also replicate to the NixCon YouTube channel.

  • Q. How will Q&A work?

    Join #nixcon on either IRC or Discord to ask questions. The rooms are bridged. The moderator, Nick Bathum (nbathum) will feed questions to the emcee (WORLDofPEACE).

    Folks in chat should be welcoming to everyone. If you can answer someone's question completely please do so.
    The moderator will filter questions during the Q&A period. Good questions are relevant and meaningful for the speaker and related to the content in the talk. Questions which are off-topic or not within community standards will not be forwarded.

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Speaker FAQ

  • Q. I have pre-recorded my talk. Where do I send the video?

    To puck on Freenode or email puck -at-